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The products on the site are chemical reagents, everyone accepts that they are products dangerous to human health and life. None of the products are suitable for human consumption. The products are intended for laboratory and scientific use only and may be dangerous. In case of accidental ingestion, immediately contact a physician. We do not accept any liability for the products used contrary to their intended use. We do not take any responsibility for legal, physical and moral damages incurred as a result of improper use of chemical reagents.


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Our site is created for informational purposes, all reagents on the site have histories of scientific research taking as a basis, measuring, experimenting, researching historical sources and theoretical considerations (reasoning observation induction and deduction, putting hypotheses and proofing) verification and falsification of the hypotheses claims and building scientific theories. In research proceedings, these various methods and elements of scientific research are interconnected, creating a historically changing and constantly evolving social knowledge system. They represent the basis for conducting theoretical scientific research and creating scientific theories.

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